About Norwegian Crafts

Norwegian Crafts' principal aim is to strengthen the position of contemporary crafts from Norway internationally.

Norwegian Crafts is a non-profit organisation founded by the Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts in 2012. Its principal aim is to strengthen the international position of contemporary crafts from Norway. The organisation is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture and Equality and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). On behalf of the MFA, Norwegian Crafts administers a support scheme for international craft projects; it also advises the ministry and the Norwegian embassies and consulates abroad on contemporary crafts. Norwegian Crafts is part of the networks Norwegian Arts Abroad, Nordic Network of Crafts Associations and World Crafts Council Europe, and it is a member of Balansekunst.


  • To increase the interest in and the demand for contemporary crafts from Norway.
  • To increase dialogue, collaboration and exchanges between craft professionals across national borders.
  • To ensure that Norwegian, Sámi and Norway-based craft artists, duojárat, curators, gallerists and other professionals in the field have access to grants, international networks and competence.
  • To increase the number of possibilities for Norwegian, Sámi and Norway-based craft artists to participate in international exhibitions.
  • To ensure that Norwegian galleries can participate in acclaimed international arenas and fairs for contemporary crafts. To develop theory and terminology in the field of contemporary crafts, both nationally and internationally.

    Areas of Activity

    Norwegian Crafts initiates and produces exhibitions in collaboration with Norwegian and international institutions, curators and artists. The aim is to strengthen the international position of contemporary crafts from Norway, contribute to the development of the artists’ careers and stimulate further exchange in the field of crafts across national borders.

    Norwegian Crafts aims to stimulate critical thinking and discourse within the global field of contemporary crafts. We produce international seminars and publications in collaboration with other institutions and craft professionals. With our online magazine The Vessel, we aim to strengthen the online presence and visibility of craft artists and duojárat and to inspire both craft professionals and a wider audience to gain more knowledge about craft-making practices.

    Norwegian Crafts supports Norway-based galleries in their participation at international fairs and other commercial arenas for craft. The aim is to increase the international visibility of and demand for contemporary crafts from Norway and Sápmi, and to create new commercial opportunities for craft artists and galleries. We also work to ensure that more international galleries represent craft artists from Norway by inviting gallerists to Norway in order to meet artists in their studios.

    Norwegian Crafts connects local artists, institutions, curators and other craft professionals to our worldwide network of crafts professionals. We organise gallery, curator and press visits to Norway for the field of crafts, the aim being to contribute to more international opportunities and collaborations for Norwegian, Sámi and Norway-based craft artists, and to ensure their participation in major international craft events and exhibitions.

    Through various support schemes, Norwegian Crafts provides funding for the international activities of Norwegian and Norway-based craft artists, galleries, curators and critics. The support schemes contribute to the internationalisation of Norwegian contemporary crafts and theory by enabling artists and other craft professionals to take part in important activities abroad. Norwegian Crafts facilitates the participation of Norway-based artists in residency programmes such as Pilchuck School of Glass, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Cranbrook Academy of Art and the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.

    Annual Reports

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    Privacy Policy

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    Kristine Wessel, chair
    Eyvind Solli Andreassen
    Ben Wenhou Yu
    Cathrine Kullberg