Studio Visits: John K. Raustein

Studio visit to John K. Raustein's studio at Frysja in Oslo, talking about his approach to textile art, and memory and colour as central aspects of his work

This Studio Visit film features textile artist John K. Raustein. In this interview, John talks about his approach to textile art, working in trilogies, and memory and colour as central aspects in his work. He is currently showing a solo exhibition at the North Norwegian Art Centre (NNKS), titled The Archive of the Forgotten. In the film, John also talks about some of the works included in the exhibition, and about showing his works at the Oslo Public Library Deichman.

John K. Raustein (b. 1972) is a textile artist based in Oslo, Norway. In his practice, he investigates relationships between invisibility, exclusion, privilege and resistance, and explores the textile tradition’s many possibilities – materially, conceptually and sculpturally. His works investigates time and memories, also those we did not know we had forgotten. In his art, John seeks triggers – a mental image, a flash of something, a colour, a sound, a smell, or a place – and strives to make visible a feeling of existential dread.

Direction: Norwegian Crafts and Revers Produksjon
Videography and editing: Revers Produksjon
Graphic design: Parabol Studio

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About the Studio Visits film series

Norwegian Crafts is looking at alternative ways to connect artists, duojárat and makers with curators and institutions both in Norway and beyond. Through this film series we invite you into the studios of Norwegian and Norway-based artists, where they generously share from their practice and talk about current and upcoming projects. The films are available to watch on Vimeo, YouTube and Instagram/IGTV.

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