Lillian Tørlen at Haystack

Artist Lillian Tørlen​​ attended a concrete workshop at Haystack in August 2016 with support from Norwegian Crafts

Artist Lillian Tørlen attended a concrete workshop at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts' summer program 14-26 August 2016 with support from Norwegian Crafts. Tutoring the workshop was artist and art professor Mia Hall.

"The summer program gave me an opportunity to immerse myself in a – to me - new material. The tutor, Mia Hall, varied between demonstrating techniques, had us work on a bigger piece together, as well as giving us plenty of time to explore our own individual projects.

The course involved a lot of mould making, which I didn’t expect (though I guess I should have, as one needs a mould in which to pour the concrete). This provided an opportunity to brush up on my mould-making skills as well.

The set-up made it possible to work from early morning to late at night, with the tutor readily at hand, with like-minded people that were also there to learn as much as possible. I enjoyed it immensely, and left Haystack with a feeling that I had learned a lot, and very grateful for the opportunity to attend the course."
- Lillian Tørlen

To see more of Lillian Tørlen's work, please visit her website here.