AiR Green – Artist Residency at Søndre Green farm

Anniken Jøsok Hessen weaving at AiR Green spring 2021
Artist Residency at Søndre Green farm for artists whose work relates to the textile media

Residency periods 2024: 21 May–18 June and 12 Aug– 9 Sept

AiR Green Studio 2024: 23 April– 18 June and 19 Aug–7 Oct

AiR Green 2024

Norwegian Textile Artists announces an artist-in-residence opportunity for artists whose work relates to textile media. The residency is at Søndre Green farm in Noresund, at the foot of the Norefjell mountain range in Krødsherad Municipality, Buskerud County, Norway. With this residency, NTK aims to create an arena for concentration and in-depth research, to contribute to the development and presentation of textile art, and to promote contact between artists who use different approaches to textile media. Norwegian Crafts and the Norwegian Folk Art and Craft Association (Norges Husflidlag, Norefjell) contribute in a resource group for the residency.

AiR Green is for professional artists who work with textile media, fiber art, or who have a project relating to textiles. Although residents should have some previous experience with textile art, there is no requirement that textile is the main medium in one's practice. Note that the residency is independent. No instructions in textile techniques or the like will be given. The residency also applies solely to the artists (it does not extend to family members, partners, pets etc.). The residency is open to international artists.

Learn more about AiR Green on the residency's website.

Two residency periods:

  • 21 May–18 2024
  • 12 August–9 September 2024

Application deadline for residency periods in 2024: Friday 15 December 2023
Application form here

NTK’s board will select participants based on the submitted material. For questions about the artist residency, please contact general manager Line Fasteraune at NTK. E-mail: / Telephone: +47 90 11 54 29 (during Soft Gallery’s opening hours).

This film shows a visit to Air Green in spring 2021. The residency is introduced by one of its organisers and host at Søndre Green farm, Kristin Lindberg. The film also presents the four participating artists: Anniken Jøsok Hessen, Ida Immonen, Tonje Plur and Linn Svensson.

About AiR Green

This residency is for four artists at the same time for four weeks. Ordinary AiR Green is offered for one period in the spring and one period in the fall. The residency includes a grant of NOK 8 500 per person for 4 weeks’ residency. (Note: the grant also covers travel expenses.) Artists are given free accommodation and work space.

The farm’s main building (350 m2) is used by the artists during their stay. The house dates back to the 1700s and was completely renovated in 2013/14. It is fully furnished and contains (spread over 2 floors): 3 double bedrooms, 3 single bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 large salon, 3 living rooms, 1 dining room and 1 large kitchen. Both the dining room and kitchen have seating for 12 people. The rooms are divided amongst the artists so as to provide both solitude and fellowship.


Address: Søndre Gren Krøderfjordveien 1300

The residency is at Søndre Green farm, next to the lake Krøderfjorden in the municipality of Krødsherad. It has its own small island, rowboat and beach for swimming.

Beautiful hiking terrain is close at hand: the hill Greensåsen has a hiking trail, a lean-to shelter and a cabin with sleeping facilities. There’s also a trail from the farm itself to Krøderen Kro (1½ km distance), which serves homemade and locally-sourced food. Hike 16 km and you’re above the treeline.

Noresund (the closest village, 3½ km from AiR Green) has shops, petrol stations, a doctor, municipal administration, a hotel and cafés. There is public transportation (a buss) to Søndre Green Farm (sporadic schedule). There is also a bicycle/walking path from the farm to Noresund, along the lakeside. Bicycles can be borrowed at the farm. The farm is about 90 km from Oslo, a 2-hour bus ride via Hønefoss or Drammen.


  • In addition to excellent accommodations in a historic, newly-restored farmhouse, the artists have the opportunity to work in large spaces in several of the farm buildings:
  • ‘Hovedhuset’ (main farmhouse): workroom in ‘salen’ (the large salon) (40m2).
  • ‘Bryggerhuset’ (brewing house): workroom / wet room (40m2).
  • ‘Driftsbygning /låve’ (barn): project room / workroom (3m width x 16m length x 4,80m height, plus extra height due to open-truss ceiling. This room has good lighting and the possibility of working from the barn bridge.
  • ‘Sommerfjøs’ (summer barn): workroom (35m2).
  • AiR Green provides good conditions for different approaches to artistic practice, for reflection and in-depth study, for working on your own in the main house and/or using the natural surroundings.
  • You can also immerse yourself in textile craft through the farm’s rich collection of vertical looms, flat looms and other relevant equipment. The farm’s Spælsau (Old Norwegian Short Tail Landrace sheep) provide wool for spinning and dyeing. The local nature provides herbs and plants for dyeing wool.
  • Key to AiR Green is the encounter between different artistic practices with the textile as a common starting point. The four artists who are juryed into each residency will live together and will be given the opportunity to share and learn from each other.
  • Each artist must share his or her practice in the form of an Open Day at the farm in the last weekend of the residency and / or give a presentation and an artist talk at Buskerud Kunstsenter. More information about this will be given in advance of the artist residency and customised to the individual applicant.

AiR Green Studio

NTK offers two different artist residencies at Søndre Green farm, AiR Green and AiR Green Studio. AiR Green Studio is for only one artist with a duration of two months. This residency is offered for one period in the spring and one period in the fall. The residency includes a grant of NOK 13 500 for 2 months residency. (Note: the grant also covers travel expenses.) The residency is in the recently rehabilitated Sommerfjøset («Summer barn»), which has been converted into a studio apartment with all facilities.

AiR Green Studio 2024:

  • 23 April– 18 June
  • 19 August–7 October

Application deadline: 15 December 2023
Application form here

The artist residency programme is made possible through financial support from Viken county and Krødsherad municiaplity.

Read more about AiR Green here.

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