Launch events: Duodji Reader

Launch events for Duodji Reader with Norwegian Crafts and Sámi allaskuvla

Book launches in Sápmi February 2022

On the 22 February, Norwegian Crafts and Sámi allaskuvla had a book launch in Diehtosiida at Sámi allaskuvla in Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino. The event included a live introduction of the book by co-edior Gunvor Guttorm and a screening of the short film for Duodji Reader produced in collaboration with Forest People.

The launch in Kárášjohka/Karasjok took place at Sámi girjjálašvuođaguovddáš/The Sámi Literature Centre. Contributing to the event were Sámi girjjálašvuođaguovddáš and Amund Johnskareng, editors of the Duodji Reader Harald Gaski and Gunvor Guttorm, and Norwegian Crafts.

Gunvor Guttorm, professor at Sámi allaskuvla and co-editor of Duodji Reader
From the launch event at Sámi allaskuvla. Director at Norwegian Crafts Hege Henriksen and Gunvor Guttorm

Virtual book talk with the American-Scandinavian Foundation

On 15 February 2022, the American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) invited to a virtual panel on the Duodji Reader: Guoktenuppelot čállosa duoji birra sámi duojáriid ja dutkiid bokte maŋimuš 60 jagis. A Selection of Twelve Essays on Duodji by Sámi Duojárat and Writers from the Past 60 Years, produced by Sámi Allaskuvla and Norwegian Crafts. In this event, co-editor Harald Gaski moderated a conversation on the book and the craft form of duodji with contributor Irene Snarby, co-editor Gunvor Guttorm, and Norwegian Crafts representative and publication project manager Tonje Kjellevold.

The event took place as a Zoom webinar. Watch the recording from the book talk on ASF's YouTube channel.

Panel discussions in Italy and Canada

Duodji Reader was one of a handful featured publications at The Sámi Pavilion at the 2022 Venice Biennale, produced by OCA – Office for Contemporary Art Norway. In connection with the biennale editors Harald Gaski and Gunvor Guttorm were invited to partake in the Indigenous curators' summit Aabaakwad, hosted in Venice during the opening days of the biennale in April 2022. Editors Harald Gaski and Gunvor Guttorm took part in the panel together with curator Hannah Presley from Australia and janajati Indigenous artist artist/programmer Aqi Thami from Himalaya.

Norwegian Crafts and Sámi Allaskuvla were invited to take part in the Arctic Arts Summit in June 2022. During the summit editors Harald Gaski and Gunvor Guttorm were invited to partake in three different panels, featuring other artists and art professionals from the Arctic region: Panel 6: Duodji and Other Northern Crafts Practices (28 June 2022), moderated by Harald Gaski and featuring panellists Doug Smarch Jr., Goretti Kakuktinniq, Mary Bradshaw and Gunvor Guttorm; Panel 1: Intergenerational Perspectives on Languages, Land and Art (20 June 2022), moderated by Barbara Filion and featuring Harald Gaski, Tina Jules, Skaydu.û, Haa Yoo X’atángi Deiy and Hans Henrik Suersaq Poulsen; and Panel 22: New Directions in Arts Education throughout the Arctic (29 June 2022), moderated by Mirja Hiltunen and featuring Aubyn O’Grady, Da-Ka-Xeen Mehner, Ebbe Volquardsen and Gunvor Guttorm.

Editors Harald Gaski and Gunvor Guttorm with Duodji Reader at The Sámi Pavillion at the Venice Biennale 2022
Panel at Arctic Arts Summit (Whitehorse, Canada)

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Duodji Reader has received support from the Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts (NK)'s fund and from Arts Council Norway. The launch events are supported by Nordic Culture Point.