Nordic Exchange Programme: Production, Knowledge and Skills

Norwegian Crafts, the Danish Arts Foundation and the Nordic Culture Fund collaborate on a Nordic initiative with the aim of establishing more residencies across the Nordic region

The aim of the initiative is to establish more residencies across the Nordic region, where craft and design practitioners can gain access to specialised knowledge and skills at production sites. Through mapping and analysing relevant existing production sites in the region, and establishing new residencies, the initiative will support artistic development and innovation.

The collaboration will run over several years and has cultural sustainability as a focal point. It is expected that the first new residencies will be launched in 2025.

Open call in 2024: Mapping of specialised knowledge and skills

In order to establish new residencies, there is a need for more knowledge about what sort of production sites that exist and what kind of specialised knowledge is still to be found in the Nordic region.

The gathering of knowledge about relevant production sites is being conducted through an open call in 2024 financed by the Danish Arts Foundation and Norwegian Crafts. Practitioners within craft and design can apply for a residency stay at a production site throughout the Nordic region. The applications for the open call will set the foundation for a research study. Based on this knowledge, new residencies that meet the needs of the craft and design field can be established in the Nordic region.

The applications for the open call will contribute to map out and develop knowledge about production sites and what sort of knowledge and skills are valuable for the craft and design field. This knowledge will be disseminated within the arts and culture sector in the Nordic region in collaboration with the Nordic Culture Fund. In this way, applications to the open call will influence what kind of residencies are to be established in the region.

(Application deadline for round 1: 26 February 2024)