Studio Visits: Irene Nordli

Ceramic artist Irene Nordli talks about different aspects of her practice, including her increased interest in abstraction in clay and working with art in public space

This film shows a visit to Irene’s studio in Heestrand. The building used to be a car workshop but has been turned into a space for making art and for living. Irene talks about different aspects of her practice, including taking the traditional porcelain figurine as a point of departure and her increased interest in the abstraction and textures of clay. She also talks about some of her exhibition projects, such as previous and upcoming solo shows, and working with art in public space.

Irene Nordli is a visual artist and sculptor living and working between Oslo in Norway and Heestrand in Sweden. Her main medium is ceramics, and she works with sculptures and large-scale works for exhibitions and for public space. Some of the reoccurring themes in her practice are histories and traditions of porcelain, fragments of the human body, and animal and human hybrids in various degrees of abstraction.

Direction: Norwegian Crafts and Revers Produksjon
Videography and editing: Revers Produksjon
Graphic design: Parabol Studio

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About the Studio Visits film series

Norwegian Crafts is looking at alternative ways to connect artists, duojárat and makers with curators and institutions both in Norway and beyond. Through this film series we invite you into the studios of Norwegian and Norway-based artists, where they generously share from their practice and talk about current and upcoming projects. The films are available to watch on Vimeo, YouTube and Instagram/IGTV.