Craft, Art, Science and Technology Residency in Monterrey

Magdalena Fernández, 2022, at Pozo del Gavilán, Galeana, Mexico.
Participate in a residency at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico for artists working at the intersection of craft, science and technology, with support from Norwegian Crafts

Application deadline: 21 April 2024

Laboratorio Arte AC and Norwegian Crafts are currently accepting applications from qualified candidates for a residency at the Craft, Art, Science and Technology Residency at Tecnológico de Monterrey. These programmes aim to provide unique and diverse opportunities for artists in the craft field, namely by offering Norway-based craft artists a place at renowned schools, workshops and residencies.

The aim of the residency at Tecnológico de Monterrey is to drive innovation, new ideas, and solutions, as well as connecting artists, students and experts from different fields on production projects that:

a) work at the intersection of crafts, science and technology

b) contribute to discussions, technical and conceptual solutions and productions that involve interdisciplinary teams of students and faculty

  • DATES: 6, 12 or 18 weeks between August and December 2024

Information in Norwegian and the application form can be found at

About the Programme

Laboratorio Arte AC is designed as a versatile workspace for the production of multidisciplinary projects that intersect art, science and technology. The workspace is located at Campus Monterrey, which is part of Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Laboratorio de Arte, Ciencia y Tecnología is a joint initiative between Instituto Arte AC and Tecnológico de Monterrey. Its creation in 2019 corresponds to the university’s new 2020 - 2030 plan that aims to generate experimentation-friendly spaces and multidisciplinary ideation from contemporary art. Its projects are built around conceptualisation, solution and piece production processes, generating unique methodologies where students pursuing different majors work together in interdisciplinary creation and discussion activities. These projects fit transversally into student life in all schools.

Laboratorio Arte AC would like to acknowledge and thank FEMSA Foundation for their continuous support of the residency program and other activities of the arts and cultures project of Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Magdalena Fernández, 2022, at Laboratorio Arte AC, Monterrey, Mexico
Daniel Lara Ballesteros, 2022, at Laboratorio Arte AC, Monterrey, Mexico.

The selected recipient will receive:

    • Up to USD 7000 budget for materials and processes involved in the production of the project. Covered by Laboratorio Arte AC.
    • An honorarium of up to USD 2400
    • Accommodation: a private apartment within the campus housing or at a hotel nearby for the entire period of stay.
    • Full access to the laboratory's facilities: Photo studio, painting booth, 3d printing, CNC routers, CNC laser, computers and software for graphic processing, live sound, video projection, metal and woodworking.
    • Access to other laboratories and workshops through the network of 28 campuses and 5 national schools in Tecnológico de Monterrey.
    • Food vouchers for the university's cafeterias for two meals a day on weekdays.
    • A stipend of USD 3000 for personal expenses. Paid to the selected recipient from Norwegian Crafts.
    • USD 1000 for plane tickets for the recipient in residence traveling from Norway to Mexico and back. Paid to the selected recipient from Norwegian Crafts.
    • Transport between the airport and campus

Terms and conditions

  1. The artist's residency must be in line with the schedule of the academic program, with 6-, 12- and 18-week contracts. The length of the stay will be proposed by the recipient and evaluated by the committee according to the needs of the proposed project's development and application timeframe.
  2. The project submissions must be to create new work or extensions of ongoing work in the artist's practice
  3. The scope of the budget and work fees will be agreed by the committee, taking into account the budget proposal from the artist, the length of the stay and the project's specifications. All amounts will be determined before the start of the stay. The purchase of assets such as electronics, special equipment, software licenses and the like is not permitted, this will be provided by the residency.
  4. The selected artist agrees to donate one of their pieces created during the residency to be placed in the Arts collection of the Direction of Patrimony of Tecnológico de Monterrey or to the Tecnológico de Monterrey's repository of the residency program.
  5. The pieces not produced during the residency and not donated are the property of the artist and it is their responsibility to care for them after the period is over.
  6. In the event that it is possible to permanently install the work on campus, there will be an agreement with the artist before the start of the residency and the product must be completed before the end of the residency period.
  7. For post-term exhibitions and publications of pieces created in residency terms must be mentioned as "Project done as an artist in residency in the Craft Art, Science and Technology Residency in Monterrey".
  8. Any situation not specified in this document will be discussed by the committee, generating an indisputable solution before the stay begins.
  9. The selected artist is not enrolled in any degree or certificate granting program (including high school, bachelor, or masters degree programs) at the time of application or during the award period.

How to apply

The proposed projects can be as experimental as necessary. The nature, the format, the theme, the technique, and the products etc. are open to what the artist finds interesting within the scope of the residency terms and conditions.

The application must contain:

  • Artistic practice and experience with art and technology
  • Project description (see below)
  • Desired duration to complete the project (6,12,18 weeks)
  • Material and other necessary equipment
  • The project plan divided within weeks
  • CV
  • Documentation of previous works

In the project description you should explain:

  • How the project deals with the dialogues between craftsmanship, science and technology
  • How the project will involve interdisciplinary teams of students and faculty*
  • Describes why you chose the duration of residency
  • Tell us what you want to get out of your stay - and how do you want to achieve this? How can the stay contribute to developing your artistic practice?

Apply via

*Full list of academic programmes and faculties can be found here

Examples of previous residencies

Tetei Cornejo, 2022, at Laboratorio Arte AC, Monterrey, Mexico.
Magdalena Fernández, 2022, at Pozo del Gavilán, Galeana, Mexico

Evaluation of applications

    For this scheme, the application is assessed in two rounds:

    1. Round – Norwegian Crafts' specialist committee* shortlists approved applications to three candidates
    2. Round – A professional committee appointed by Norwegian Crafts (1 stk.) and
      Laboratorio Arte AC (2/3 stk.) will decide on the final recipient.

    Between rounds 1 and 2, Laboratorio Arte AC will work with the three shortlisted artists to develop and clarify the idea before round 2 of the selection process. If you apply, you must be available for a digital meeting with Laboratorio Arte AC in early May 2024.

    If you have any questions about this residency opportunity, please contact Leah Svalastoga Kahn, Market Development Officer at Norwegian Crafts:

      * Norwegian Crafts' specialist committee consists of three members. The members have professional expertise either as a practicing artist or have another type of expertise in the Norwegian arts and crafts field or in duodji.

      About Norwegian Crafts' residency committee

      As part of Norwegian Crafts' efforts to strengthen our residency opportunities for Norwegian and Norway-based craft artists, duojárat, curators, mediators and researchers, we have established a new committee that will evaluate applications for our residency opportunities. The committee consists of three members, who possess competence as practicing artists or other type of professionals in the field of contemporary crafts and/or duodji.

      The committee from 2024–2026 consists of artist and associate professor at Oslo National Academy of the Arts – Department for Art and Craft Trine Wester; communication officer for the project ReCap ASáp – Regaining capacity in a changing Sápmi at The Saami Council and former consultant for the artist and research residency at Lásságámmi Helene Ajuna Olsen; and curator and mediator Daniela Ramos Arias, who is part of the curatorial team at Hordaland Kunstsenter and co-director of the interdisciplinary space KIOSKEN.