Visitor programme September 2023

Marit Tingleff, Ornaments from Wetlands, Woods, Air and Water at Kunstnerforbundet, 2023
International visitor programme with Ceramica Suro in Oslo 12–16 September 2023

Norwegian Crafts hosted José Suro, director of Cerámica Suro in Mexico, for an international visitor programme in Oslo focused on contemporary ceramics.

Founded in the 1950s in Tlaquepaque as a small studio workshop, Cerámica Suro is now a world-renowned ceramics factory where ambitious projects in the world of art, architecture, design, and gastronomy are developed and produced. José Suro has turned what used to be a family workshop that manufactured dinnerware and decorative objects into its second generation as an place for global artists, designers and creatives to develop ambitious projects. Approximately 500 artists have collaborated with Cerámica Suro. Based in Guadalajara, it is currently one of the factories in México with the greatest interaction in the international art circuit.

José Suro at a studio visit with Lillian Tørlen
José Suro at a studio visit with Jim Darbu
José Suro and Torbjørn Kvasbø in front of his work at Domus Bibliotheca/University of Oslo

The programme included studio visits with Oslo-based artists Christina Peel, Mingxuan Tan, Irene Nordli, Nils Martin, Lillian Tørlen, Eyvind Solli Andreassen, Jim Darbu, Mingshu Li, Helen Hausland, Lydia Soojin Park, Marthe Elise Stramrud, and Steinar Haga Kristiansen.

During his stay in Oslo, José also met Marit Tingleff for her solo exhibition Ornaments from Wetlands, Woods, Air and Water at Kunstnerforbundet, and Lin Wang at The Vigeland Museum for the Eckbos Legat Anniversary Exhibition where she presented her work 'Still Life – Gaze from the East'. He also attended the seminar Art and Academia organized by Kunstnerforbundet and the University of Oslo, where Torbjørn Kvasbø and Aslaug M. Juliussen presented their work. The programme also included a visit to the National Museum and to ROM for Art and Architecture.

José Suro with Kristine Wessel from Mesén and artist Lin Wang, Eckbo Legat Anniversary Exhibition, The Vigeland Museum
José Suro and Leah Kahn from Norwegian Crafts at Marit Tingleff's solo exhibition at Kunstnerforbundet