Documents on Contemporary Crafts no.5: Material Perceptions

Design by Yokoland
A Norwegian Crafts production that offers critical reflections on materialism and perceptions (2018)


Documents on Contemporary Crafts no. 5: Material Perceptions

Knut Astrup Bull and André Gali

Søren Kjørup  ∣  Glenn Adamson   ∣  Hilde Methi   ∣  Anders Ljungberg ∣  Sarah R. Gilbert  ∣  Martina Margetts  ∣ Knut Astrup Bull ∣ André Gali

Anders Ljungberg: Bag Beneath #1, 2016. Silver, deconstructed bureau.
Elin Hedberg: Readjustment, 2015. MDF, wood, copper, cast iron
Phoebe Cummings: Antediluvean Swag at New Art Centre in 2016

There are many ways to perceive and interpret contemporary craft objects – for instance, as works of representational art in materials like ceramics, glass, textile, metal or wood, or as functional, handmade everyday objects. In this publication, the editors have invited different voices in craft theory to investigate the perception of contemporary craft as a particular discourse and aesthetic vocabulary. According to the editors, contemporary crafts can benefit from being discussed as representations of reality that do not rely on the concept of autonomy. As such, neither do they rely on the conventional dualism between aesthetic objects and everyday things. The authors investigate the possibility to perceive craft objects from perspectives that relate to the aesthetic tradition of materialism.

Anders Ruhwald: You in Between, 2008. Exhibited at Middelsbrough institute of Modern Art, 2008. In the collection of the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo
Cabinet, c1650
Rural Reading Room

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