Hello Goodbye

Annual international seminar,
KODE Art Museums, Bergen

«It`s always about timing. If it`s too soon, no one understands. If it's too late, everyone has forgotten.»

- Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief, VOGUE

Contributors: Anne Britt Ylvisåker (NO)  ∣   Harald Hauglin (NO)  ∣   Finn Thorbjørn Hansen (NO)  ∣   Glithero (UK/NL)  ∣   Reinhold Ziegler (NO)  ∣   HAiK (NO)  ∣  , Dr. Stephen Knott (UK)  ∣  Karin Hindsbo (NO) ∣ Elisabeth Sørheim (NO)   

Moderator: Dr. Stephen Knott

How are time and timing conveyers of meaning?

How does timing play a part in the field of crafts? One perspective is to consider time and timing as intellectual parts of the art works. For example; how artists' use of pop cultural references reflects the culture of the time in which the art works are created. Another perspective could be to assess materialisation of time embedded in the craft process: from the slow and laborious, to the moments of skill that happens in a blink of an eye.


Karin Hindsbo (KODE) and Elisabeth Sørheim (Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts)

Moderator’s Introduction, by Dr. Stephen Knott

Time and Timing – Museums and Meaning, by Anne Britt Ylvisåker
As a museum curator, Ylvisåker takes the opportunity to highlight some specific perspectives that maybe go beyond the characteristics of the artwork itself, but which nevertheless affects the relationship between time, timing and meaning.

Time, clocks and timekeeping, by Harald Hauglin 
In this lecture Hauglin will give an introduction to physical time and timing, and describe how a system of more than 400 atomic clocks worldwide is used to define the world’s official time scale UTC. Hauglin will shed light on the technological, symbolic and every day, practical, importance of time scales.

Nunc stance - the ’standing now’ in art work and design and art pedagogy, by Finn T. Hansen
Hansen will focus on time and timing as moments of presence filled with 'saturated meaning', based on a 3-year phenomenological-oriented action research project at a Danish Design School (Designskolen Kolding). 

Moments of Truth by Glithero

Glithero will talk about their work and the inherent themes that thread their projects together. They will describe how notions of timing and narrative experience have been central to the foundation of their partnership and the role of the 'timeline' in the creative conscience of the studio

CONVERSATION: Reinhold Ziegler, HAiK and Dr. Stephen Knott
This conversation between jewellery artist Reinhold Ziegler and design collective HAiK, chaired by Stephen Knott, will explore two seemingly different responses to time within artistic practice. Ziegler deals with the notion of pre-human time, through the use of cosmic materials, whereas HAiK engage more with the immediate and the everyday, using quasi-anthropological, sociological methods and responses to firsthand experiences when creating a context for their clothing.

The seminar was co-organized by the Norwegian Crafts, Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts and KODE - Art Museums of Bergen, in conjunction with the annual contemporary crafts exhibition Crafts.

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