New Narratives in Crafts

Annual international seminar,
The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Oslo
19 November 2015

Ingun Myrstad (Trondheim)  ∣  Dr. Jorunn Veiteberg (Bergen/Copenhagen)  ∣   Ben Lignel (Paris)  ∣   Marianne Zamecznik (Oslo/Berlin)  ∣   Emily King (London)   ∣  Dr. Petra Hölscher (Munich)   ∣  André Gali (Oslo) 

Trude Gomnæs Ugelstad, director, Norwegian Crafts

"When you encounter works of craft in an exhibition, or anywhere where a conscious selection and presentation of works has been made, you are not merely presented with a number of objects but with a narrative, told by the person(s) that meticulously chose each individual object to be viewed, and indeed excluded a number of others."


André Gali (Norwegian Crafts) editor of the book series Documents on Contemporary Crafts

Moderator’s Introduction
Trude Gomnæs Ugelstad (Director, Norwegian Crafts)

“Curating exhibitions at Die Neue Sammlung” 
Dr. Petra Hölscher

"Three talks on three exhibitions”
- Ingun Myrstad, «Skreddersydd» («Tailormade»)
- Marianne Zamecznik, «Magic Language /// Game of Whispers»
- Ben Lignel «Difference and repetition»

“On the relationship between the collection and the exhibition”
Emily King

“Are artists the best curators?”
Dr. Jorunn Veiteberg

The seminar followed discussions raised in Documents on Contemporary Crafts no. 3: Crafting Exhibitions, published by Norwegian Crafts earlier in 2015.

The seminar was a collaboration between Norwegian Crafts, Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts and The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Oslo, and held in connection with Crafts 2015, an annual, juried exhibition of contemporary crafts.