Everything is Connected

Graphic design by Bielke&Yang​
Norwegian contemporary crafts and design,
Ventura Lambrate, Milan, 4-9 April 2017 and Oslo Design Fair, Oslo, 30 August-2 September 2017

Andrea Muribø  |  Andreas Bergsaker   |  Anette Krogstad  |  Ann Kristin Einarsen  |  Barmen & Brekke  |  Bjørn Van Den Berg  |  Gilles & Cecilie Studio  |  Falke Svatun  |  Hallgeir Homstvedt & Runa Klock  |  Jenkins&Uhnger  |  Jonas Stokke  |   Kaja Dahl  |  Kari Mølstad  |   Kiyoshi Yamamoto  |  Live Berg Olsen  |  Marianne Andersen  |  Martin Høgh Olsen  |  Martin Solem  |  Moa Håkansson  |  Noidoi  |  Sara Polmar  |  Silje Nesdal  |  Stine Aas & Cecilia Zhang  |   Vera & Kyte

Curated by Katrin Greiling
Exhibition design by Kråvik & D’Orazio  
Graphic design by Bielke&Yang

Core Combination by Andrea Muribø, Fam by Ann Kristin Einarsen
Make by Barmen&Brekke
Norwegian NOTES by Kaja-Dahl

Curated by designer and interior architect Katrin Greiling, Everything is Connected brings together some of the greatest talents in Norwegian craft and design to tell the story of Norway’s creative scene today.

Everything is Connected seeks to present design and craft in the context of their creation, considering each piece’s place within Norway’s infrastructure of production facilities, workshops, material access and innovation, personal networks, logistics and educational programmes. A designer or craft artist, after all, is not an island, separate from their society, but a part of a broader cultural narrative in which everything is connected.

Everything is Connected presents contemporary Norwegian craft and design by highlighting their geographical qualities and premises, the connection between production facilities, workshops, material access and innovation, personal networks, logistics and educational programmes.

Norwegian Crafts has joined forces once more with Norwegian designers’ union Klubben; DOGA Design and Architecture Norway, and Jotun. Over the five days of the exhibition, these four organisations in collaboration with their partners will bring together 30 of Norway’s craft and design studios.

An award-winning designer, and the founder of Studio Greiling – an agency devoted to furniture design, interior architecture and photography – Katrin Greiling is perfectly placed to curate an exhibition of such creative breadth. With extensive experience, both in Europe and the Middle East, Greiling has a unique insight into the two-way relationship between culture and creativity that Everything is Connected seeks to examine.

Blue Kill Yellow, Sketch by Kiyoshi Yamamoto
Trängd by Moa Håkansson
Peak by Kari Mølstad
Graphic illustrations by Bielke&Yang

Partners and sponsors 

 – Norway’s leading exporter of natural stone | lundhs.no
Gudbrandsdalen Uldvarefabrikk –
one of Europe's leading suppliers of furniture fabric | gu.no
Oslo Design Fair – the most important meeting place for interior design | oslodesignfair.com
Bo Bedre – Norway’s leading design magazine | bo-bedre.no
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
| mfa.no

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Exhibition design by Kråkvik&D'Orazio