Insubordinate Creatures by Ellen Grieg and Elisabeth von Krogh

Elisabeth von Krogh: 3 Vessels
Design Curio installation at Design Miami/ 6-10 December 2017 in collaboration with Galleri Format Oslo

Norwegian Crafts, in collaboration with Galleri Format Oslo, will for the first time be taking part in Design Curio at Design Miami/ 2017 showing works by ceramic artist Elisabeth von Krogh and textile artist Ellen Grieg.

Together with the artists and Prof. Sean Griffiths, Modern Architect (UK) we are planning a presentation format where the works on show, the exhibition architecture and the mediation of the artists and their works form a complete whole.

Graduating from National College of art and Design, Oslo in the early 1970´s Ellen Grieg and Elisabeth von Krogh have careers spanning four decades. However, the two have distinctly different career paths: Elisabeth von Krogh being a very active studio ceramicist with numerous exhibitions and public commissions while Ellen Grieg has dedicated most of her career to education, running the textile workshops at the National college of Art in Oslo.

Grieg´s and von Krogh´s emergence as artists coincide with post modernism´s early appearance in Norway, and their work embodies a lot of characteristics originating in post modernism; quotations of style and periods, organic and/or highly stylized forms where shape, colour and ornamentations forms a whole.

Both Grieg´s and von Krogh´s work appear as sculptures expressing themselves as purely aesthetic objects, ideas and metaphors. Their separate work often take on a size that give them a bodily expression and presence. With the size, the form and the patterns and/colour their works not only activate the space but highlights the tension between 2 and 3 dimensions, space and surface, reality and illusion.

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Exhibition design by Sean Griffiths

Elisabeth von Krogh

The vessel has always been the starting point for Elisabeth von Krogh. The vessel and its long and rich culture follows the history of man, and as an object it is immediately recognised and known to everyone and everywhere representing a trusted, timeless and fundamental form part of our collective experience/memory. Thus, the vessel is a potent symbol of life and death.

Von Krogh is represented in all the national museums collecting applied arts as well as numerous private collections. She has been awarded several public commissions, among others at the Oslo Airport and she has exhibited extensively throughout Norway and the Scandinavian countries.

Ellen Grieg

Ellen Grieg has for more than 25 years been running the textile workshops at the National College of Art and Design in Oslo.  Throughout her career in arts education Grieg has undertaken an extensive research into colours and dyes in natural and synthetic fibres based on well-known techniques such as batik and plangi on naval mooring ropes. Her works have in recent years evolved from studies within two dimensions to assume three-dimensional sculptural qualities

Ellen Grieg is represented in the collection of the National Museum of Art and Design and Arts Council Norway as well as many public and private collections. Public commissions include the Ministry of Climate and Environment as well as hospitals, prisons and schools in Norway.